The Rewards

In this, the final part of my Adventure of Innovation in Law I thought it appropriate to focus on the rewards.

It’s fair to say both of the adventures (overlanding for six months and implementing innovation in #BigLaw) have been rewarding.

When overlanding, every morning I unzipped my tent I was somewhere new. I had no idea what would happen each day. While we had a rough plan, we had no idea of the obstacles we may encounter, the flat tires, landslides, border delays, random food, strange animal encounters.

But sometimes not knowing is the exciting part – it’s the bit that makes it an adventure.

Delivering innovation in law is surprisingly the same. One day we might be price modelling for a pitch, the next rolling out a tech demo using artificial intelligence to automate contracts, the next working with a client on a strategic sourcing strategy.

Sometimes working in ambiguity can be a beautiful thing. I encourage you to dive in.

Reflecting at Iskanderkul (Tajikistan) Photo by Alison Laird

What I learnt

I’ve learnt a lot from my adventures, from what is innovation in law to the need to accept the challenge and the 7 things to keep in mind on the innovation journey . I’ve had first hand experience of why it’s so important to the start with a coalition of the willing, and how powerful it is when things go wrong, [not to] be afraid to try something different . Above all else, be resilient is the mantra I now repeat to myself because if I don’t give up, [I know] success is just around the corner.

That said, I think the most important thing I learnt in the last couple of years is this: no matter what your adventure is, every day you get the opportunity to start over, with renewed vigour – because you never know what the day may hold. Don’t waste it.

Every day is a new opportunity, with a clean slate to do something differently; to innovate, evolve and transform legal service delivery, and in the process, maybe even yourself.


Sunrise on a new day ballooning (Cappadocia, Turkey) Photo by Alison Laird