Accept the challenge

Change is hard. Changing lawyers and the way they’ve always done things, is really hard. But hey, if it was easy, where would the fun that be.

This is where your adventure begins – and this is why we do it. The thrill of the challenge on the journey to drive change to deliver ‘better’, tap into that untapped potential, and create value where before there was little or, worst case, none. As with all great quests to conquer, it will have its ups and downs, its highs and lows and those memorable moments – for better or worse.

I’ve spent almost a decade in BigLaw on that journey.

However, a couple of years ago I took some time out to embark on an altogether different kind of adventure. I decided to leave a senior role in London take some time off, and travel back to Australia – the long way. For six months with a bunch of strangers, in a 22 tonne truck, sleeping rough in my one-man tent.

Overland adventure map

During that adventure, I learnt a whole lot of lessons and new life skills – some of which I hope I never have to use again – but on reflection, there were a lot of lessons I learnt on the trip equally as relevant to implementing innovation in a law firm.

Yes really.  Rough camping without bathrooms in strange and foreign lands; trying to innovate in a traditional law firm – practically the same thing: uncomfortable, confusing, challenging.

Don’t believe me?  You will by the end of this 8-part blog series.

I reckon I can use the two distinctly different, yet scarily similar adventures to help illustrate the challenges faced when transforming legal service delivery and how to get through the journey (largely) unscathed.

Accept the challenge that innovation is not only possible, but essential to the future success of BigLaw and your adventure begins…


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