How we help you deliver different

To help you deliver different tomorrow, we first need to understand where you are today.


Review and map existing processes, assess existing and potential tools, technology and sourcing


Collaborate with you and your clients to assess strengths and weaknesses


Analyse and synthesise data, assess profit, time and value ‘leakage’


Review the market – your competitors; local, national and international market trends


Identify gaps and opportunities where you could do things differently and deliver faster, better, cheaper


Provide recommendations around what your team could keep doing, stop doing, or do differently


Work with your team implement ideas to deliver different

Steps to delivering different


We start by getting to know your business and your clients. We review the way things currently get done by collaborating with you in a combination of workshops, in-depth conversations and interviews and surveys depending on your requirements.

This indicate which step on the way to delivering different you’re on, where you’d like to be, and in what time frame and what we can do to help you achieve your strategic goals.


Using our market insight gathered over the last 10 years working within the changing legal landscape, we review the results and develop a strategy to get you from Step A to B by doing things differently.

This could through developing new processes, implementing new LegalTech options, or adopting better ways to source and deliver what you do.

If it’s not broken we won’t suggest you fix it, however, even the best systems and process can often be improved in small ways resulting in big gains.


We tailor our services to meet your needs, whatever they may be from a 1-day innovation hackathon, to a 12-month innovation program.

We will work with you to deliver what you need, in the way you need it, for example:

  • A written report with recommendations
  • Facilitation of a collaborative workshop to prioritise ideas for implementation
  • Meetings with you, your team, or your Exec to discuss insights, options and next steps


We’re not one of *those* consultants that step out the minute the hard stuff starts. We can also help you implement the recommendations and ideas generated. However, if you’d like to take the reins, we’re happy to be by your side to check in on progress to help keep things on track.