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It's time to deliver different...



It’s time we think differently about how we deliver legal services to meet new demands.

“If you dislike change, you’re going to like irrelevance even more”
~ Eric Shinseki, 2001



More customisation, more insight, more value

Delivering good quality legal advice is no longer enough. With increasing demands to do more with less, lawyers need to deliver more customisation, more insight, more value.

Innovation isn’t an over used “buzz” word – it’s simply under implemented.

The time has come to embrace legal innovation, implement it, and embed it.

Recent blog posts

Innovating in the New Normal

The new normal brings new opportunities to do things differently. However, before applying a legal technology bandaid, first do your homework to understand the current process: how it could be enhanced, what impacts will it have, how will you manage the change, what issues could technology help solve?

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Stickiness of Innovation Post-Pandemic

I had the opportunity to reflect on the CLI-ALPMA Innovation and LegalTech 2021 Conference and on the final wrap up day explore the “stickiness of innovation post-pandemic” or essentially – what will make innovation and transformation sustainable in 2021 and beyond....

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Is BigLaw Innovation Redundant?

As we enter a new decade – one in which the fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally change the way we create and use, store and value, exchange and interact with data – I wonder: is innovation in BigLaw firms redundant? We often hear from legal legend...

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