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It's time to deliver different...



It’s time we think differently about how we deliver legal services to meet new demands.

“If you dislike change, you’re going to like irrelevance even more”
~ Eric Shinseki, 2001



More customisation, more insight, more value

Delivering good quality legal advice is no longer enough. With increasing demands to do more with less, lawyers need to deliver more customisation, more insight, more value.

Innovation isn’t an over used “buzz” word – it’s simply under implemented.

The time has come to embrace legal innovation, implement it, and embed it.

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When is good, enough?

In a 'time is money' focused legal market, cluttered with tech solutions driving efficiencies, it's no wonder GC's are seeking more cost efficient solutions from their legal service providers. BigLaw continues to 'over service', while NewLaw is cutting their grass...

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It’s Time

Lawyers have become accustomed to billing by the hour: after all, “it’s the way we’ve always done things”. Or is it? Truth be told, billing by the hour is a relatively modern ‘invention’ largely attributed to Reginald Herber Smith who by 1940 in his US firm Hale and...

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The 3 things you need for legal innovation

After many years pushing the boundaries and being an outlier within BigLaw, it's only now I'm starting to see some of the real possibilities that legal innovation creates. It's taken almost 10 years for innovation to not only be considered as possible in law, but now...

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